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Hat Khu Duea (หาดคูเดื่อ)

Chilling by the Moon River...

sunny 33 °C



Hat Khu Duea is located in Ubon Ratchathani Province in Northeast of Thailand. It is located by the Moon River which is about 10 to 12 km from Muang Ubon. Hat Khu Duea itself is located in Muang District. Use Highway No 24 to get there. Just follow the boards along the highway as they will lead you straight to Hat Khu Duea.





There are many restaurants on the rafts along the river. Parkings are available in front of the respective restaurant you choose. The food are cheap depending on what you order. Noon and I went together with Noon's aunt, Yai Nuch who is working in Ubon. Joining us were her son and his friend. We paid about 300 to 400Baht for food.





The view was good but the weather was extremely hot the time we went. There were quite a lot of families having lunch there as well. Children jump and swim in the river after their meals. I was lazy to get myself wet so I just sat and look after Niw and Woon. The restaurant provide floats for free. Just inform the waiter or waitress that you need a float and they will ask you to choose the size of the foat. There were few fruit sellers selling fruits by sampan.



The time we went was during Songkran Festival. We went over to Ubon to visit Yai Nuch. During the festival season, we can only sit and take our own sweet time for 2 hours as the restaurants at Hat Khu Duea are getting busy. This is how the owners make money. For me, 2 hours is more than enough.



Hat Khu Duea is a good place to hang out with family and friends during holidays or weekends. This place is comfortable and can be considered cheap as the prices for food and drinks are reasonable.


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Nai Lert Shrine (นายเลิศ)

The Giant Penis Shrine...

sunny 32 °C


Nai Lert Shrine is to honour the female deity of Jao Mae Thapthim (เจ้าแม่ทับทิม). This canalside shrine is decorated with phallic sculptures of every size and shape. The shrine is donated by worshippers hoping to become fertile. These red tipped anatomically approximate Shiva lingam style animist totems are planted in the style of a picket fence or else offered on altars with clusters of gargantuan shafts swatched in scared ribbons.



This shrine is not as famous as Erawan Shrine. It might be a little hard to look for the shrine as it is deep in the soi. To get to the shrine, take BTS and get down at Chidlom BTS Station. Walk towards Central Department Store and turn left into Soi Somkhit. Walk straight and enter Hilton Hotel's service entrance. The shrine is located right beside the hotel.


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Kamchanot (คำชะโนด)

The door to the underworld of Naga...

semi-overcast 25 °C


Located in Ban Dung, Tambon Wang Thong, about 100 km from Udon town is an area called Wang Nakhin (Naga Place) a place believed and regarded by the locals as a mystical and holy place where the door to the underworld of Naga is located. Covering an area of over 20 rai of land, Wang Nakhin (locally dubbed as Dong Chanot) is nothing but an islet surrounded by water. It is teemed with dense palm trees called Chanot. Travelling to the place is easy by Udon Thani - Sakon Nakorn route. At Ban Nong Mek, turn left and proceed approximately 84 km to Ban Dung and another 9 km to Ban Kam Chanot.



There is a story saying that during 1980s, there were a group of movie makers who went to the area with a huge truck. During that time, they didn't know that Wang Nakhin is surrounded by water. They paid some amount of money to a guide whom they met and brought them there. After everything ended they suddenly found out that they were on an island and there's no way out or in plus the island is full of Chanot trees. There's impossible to make a movie. The guide dissappeared and the money that they paid were all transformed into leafs. they called for help before they were assisted by the locals. There's a Thai movie being made based on this story few years back.





From far, Kamchanot looks wild, firece and also scary. Well, it is worth visiting.

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Betong, Thailand

I will be back...

sunny 30 °C


Went to Betong for a very special mission. We drove from Kuala Lumpur to Betong, Thailand which took us for about 5 to 6 hours. Betong is actually a very small quiet town located in the province of Yala. Despite the bombings going on in Southern Thailand, Betong is still considered a safe town. Not many army being seen on the streets compared to other border towns like Sungai Kolok or Tak Bai.


The border of Pengkalan Hulu on the Malaysian side seems to be a little bit quiet. Unlike the famous one in Bukit Kayu Hitam. The immigration clearance were smooth. Same goes to the Thai side.


From the Custom House (that's what they called it) we drove again for about few kilometers and finally we entered the town area. It isn't as big as Hatyai but it was crowded that day. There were many Malaysian cars as it was Sunday.


Betong is famous for it's Piyamit Communist Tunnel, Hot Spring etc. but we didn't managed to visit them as we were on our special mission.


Walked around the town and learned that most of the locals here speak few Chinese dialects other than Thai. Well, that's quite normal for a border town like this as most of the travelers who come to this town are Chinese Malaysians.


In my own view, I don't quite like Betong as I don't feel as I'm in Thailand because the locals spoke either Chinese or Malay to me. It might be easier or comfortable for others but not for me. I'm in Thailand to feel the Thai-ness of Thailand.


And we drove back the next day. I will be back to this town soon to finish up my tours on Piyamit Tunnel...

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I'm Back!!!

sunny 31 °C

Finally, after settling down, I'd got my own time for Travellerspoint. Before this, I didn't have enough time even for myself.

Where should I start... Okay, before this, I was working in a 5 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Well, I quit my job as I planned to have a very long holiday. Just few days after I quit my job, I received an offer letter from the government to work with them. Thinking that it is actually quite difficult to get this kind of job. So I cancelled my holiday plan and report myself to work.

Being sent from training for 2 months. Was hoping that they would send me somewhere north so that it is nearer to Thailand and finally I got ended up here in Tanjung Kupang, Johor bordering Singapore. Seems like I might be here for quite sometimes. Well, working here isn't really stressful as my old job. It is kind of relaxing. Few kilometers away from Singapore, watching Singapore tv channels, seeing Singaporean almost everyday isn't that fun. It has been over 9 months I serve the country.

However, I quite love my job here.


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My Iisan Adventure Part 1


It was few months back since I went to stay in Northeast region of Thailand. Although it was few months back, the great memories are still in my head. It was a memorable and wonderful trip as I got the chance to stay with my girlfriend's family and also celebrate Songkran in Iisan.

It was few days before songkran where we arrived in Sai Tai Mai from Hatyai (I will update our journey from Malaysia to Hatyai after this) in the afternoon. We straight took a cab from the airport to Mochit Bus Terminal which serves bus to iisan. It costs around 200-300 baht because of traffic jam. Soon after we entered the city, the traffic was very slow. Bangkokians were also heading to Mochit to get back to their respective homes in iisan. We were worried about the ticket as we didnt ask our friend who are staying in Bangkok to buy for us. Mochit was not so crowded when the time we arrived but the traffic was terrible. It is consider 'normal' during that time. We went to second floor of the bus terminal to get our ticket to Mahasarakham. A small town situated 5-6 hours from Bangkok. I bought VIP Por.1 24 seated bus which they claimed to be the fastest (without stopping because normally buses to iisan will stop at Nakorn Ratchasima or Korat for lunch or dinner) for 450 baht. We had around 2 hours to spend before our bus departs. So we went to have some lunch at the food court and went straight away to the bus bay to wait for our bus. There were quite a number of buses leaving for iisan and also to the North. There were also people in red with Thai flag which is the supporters of the former Thai Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. I knew that we were going into their 'nest' so we didnt wear yellow although I am a 'Pantamid'.

Bought some magazines to read while waiting and finally the bus company attendant called for passengers bus to Mahasarakham. We didnt buy any drinking water as the company provided food, snacks and water onboard. The space was big enough and it was comfortable. Soon after the bus departed, the attendant brought towels, drinking water and our food. They started to play some Morlam and Luk Tung as the bus is heading into iisan region. Right at the moment, I felt the iisan spirit. It was a long journey without stopping and soon, the attendant came to ask which station are we heading to. So we informed him Bor Kor Sor Sarakham and he wrote in in his note. As soon as we passed Korat, I can see paddy fields. I tried my very best to sleep and my girlfriend was already asleep. Sitting for about 5 hours, I was having a backache. The bus stopped at Ban Phai a small town in Khon Kaen province because one of the passengers told the attendant that he is getting down there. And the bus continued the journey for about 1 hour and we arrived in Mahasarakham (Thais call it Sarakham). My girlfriend's mom waited at Bor Kor Sor together with her stepfather in the pick up truck. It was already around 8pm the time we arrived. We went straight home to have our dinner. On the way home, Sarakham looks like a sleepy town. Not many shops open until late night. It is a really peaceful town afterall.

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Jogjakarta, Indonesia

sunny 28 °C

DSC00282.jpgDAY 1

First time i step my foot on Jogjakarta or better known as Jogja's land, I felt the welcome from the people there. The airport, Adi Sucipto Airport is small enough. Hualampong Train Station in Bangkok is much bigger actually. Well, there was a long queue to go get the passport stamp. Hayashi went over to the Visa on Arrival section because he is holding a Japanese passport. I queue at the normal line because SEA-an can enter Indonesia without Visa.
After cleared the immigration, we saw a Taxi ticket booth near the exit. It was quite cheap. From Airport to Grand Mercure in the city is around 70,000 Rp. And we booked the transport for Borobudur and Prambanan for 500,000 Rp. Cheaper than what we thought. DSC00248.jpg

So we went to the hotel and Jogja is not a huge city but it is ful with motorcycles and students. Our driver, Mr Adi Prayitno told that there are around 60 Universities here in Jogja. Were warmly welcomed to the hotel. Staffs are friendly and helpful. Better than at the hotel that I work in.LOL!! Grand Mercure is a hotel with European design. The hotel is huge and our room is located around 5-10minutes walk from the lobby.

The room is like a 5 star hotel although the hotel is only a 4 star. Cant even find a single mistake to make a complain. LOL!! After resting by watching at NHK news, we went for a walk along Malioboro Road. It was like 500meters-1KM from the hotel. There were many trishaw riders approached us to have a ride. We politely declined. Nothing much at Malioboro because most of the people went back home to break the fast during Ramadhan month. So not many cars or motoycycles on the road.

There are more Batik shops than restaurant. We couldn't find a restaurants. Road side stalls are all along the road but we are worry about the cleanliness of the food. So decided to eat at the hotel.


Woke up around 6:45am. Driver will be at the hotel around 8am to pick us up. So while waiting for the driver, we went for breakfast. Again, the staffs are friendly and helpful enough. The food are fine. 8am sharp, Mr Adi was already at the lobby waiting for us. After checking out, Mr Adi drove us to Borobudur. He told us it was going to be am hour journey. After all, we reached there less than an hour.

Still quite early. It was before 9am. Not many tourists. Tickets for locals and foreigners are different. I try to speak Indonesian to the ticket seller while Hayashi was standing far behind. Well, I got the local rate. Quite big different. 9000 Rp + 1000 Rp =USD1++ for bringing camera. And for foreigners, it is around 93,000 Rp. Around USD11+-.
Borobudur is a wonderful temple. Took quite a number a photos and the scenery from the toppest level is really amazing. I dont really feel like going down but we need to move to Prambanan. The way out is confusing. It shows Exit and lead us to a very long road where the street sellers will come over to sell their goods. After quite a number of 'NO', they still didnt let us go. Well, we just walked and took them as invisible. .

Before going out from Borobudur, The exit is just beside the entrance. We can use the way where we walked in to walk to the exit to avoid the street sellers. Our driver then drove us to Prambanan. On the way to Prambanan, he stopped us at Candi Mendut. Another Buddhist temple. It is smaller. But inside the Candi, there is a huge Buddha sitting. We went in for free. I am not sure if there's an entrance fee. The time we went in, there are quite number of tourists from Tour Groups. So the entrance was quite packed and people are not lining up.
We moved back to Jogjakarta because Prambanan is at the other side. Jogja is famous with Ayam Gorent Suharti. Our dirver stopped us for lunch there. I asked him to join but he cant because he is fasting. So we ordered White rice with Soto Chicken Soup and The Ayam Goreng. It is really delicious. Some kind of secret recipe. And the bill is only 64,000 Rp. DSC00354.jpg

We arrived Prambanan around 1:30pm. The weather wasw great. Cloudy but didnt rain. Mr Adi told us that Jogja didnt receive rain for the last 4 months. Again, tickets for both locals and foreigners are different. So I went over and bought the ticket. At first I got the local price. At the entrance, a guard asked us to show our Indonesian ID. So, get back our money and went to another ticket counter to buy our foreign price ticket. I used my expired student ID and I paid for USD6 and Hayashi is an old man. So he paid for USD10. Ticket for locals is only 8000 Rp.

Prambanan is beautiful but one of the main buildings is under construction dur to 2006 earthquake. We can just walked around and enter few Candis. Prambanan and Borobudur has their own beautifulness. Prambanan represents Hindu and Borobudur Buddhist. After Prambanan, we went straight to the airport. We thought we can buy ciggies after getting out passport stamped. Well, after we went into the departure hall, what we saw were bunch of people waiting for the flight and there's no shops or restaurant but a small toilet.

After all, the trip was good and amazing. Jogja doesnt need longer than 3 days. We skipped the Sultan Palace and Ratu Boko because our purpose is only Borobudur and Prambanan. Jogja is a peaceful and friendly city. Searching for restaurants and bars might be a little bit hard. But road side stalls are plenty along the main road.

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